4 Warning Signs You're In Financial Problems

financial trouble malaysia
4 Warning Signs You're In Financial Problems 

1. Credit Card 
• Paying only the minimum balance each month. 
• The outstanding balance increases each month 
• Was using cards at a maximum of 
• Regularly take cash advances 
• Non-payment or late payment 
• Credit cards canceled by the bank 

2. Loans 
• Frequent use of overdraft or automatic loan facility from the current account. 
• Receive notice of payment from creditors for non-payment of debt. 
• Failing to get a loan because of your credit report is not satisfactory. 
• Borrow money from family or friends to pay their debts. 
• Often contacted by a debt collector. 

3. Savings 
• Using savings at an alarming rate. 
• Have little or no savings direct to tackle emergency expenses. 

4. Expenses 
• Living solely rely on monthly income. 
• Depending on the jobs, overtime, commissions or bonuses to cover living expenses. 
• Not knowing how much debt until the statement is received. 
• Often fights with spouse about money. 

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