Check Your Voting Information Status SPR Online

Are you ready to vote for your leader? 

If not please register now....Check Your Voting Information/Status, Electoral Roll Checking – Election Commission Malaysia 

Check Your Voting Information Status SPR OnlineIf you have registered as a voter in Malaysia and would like to check or verify your voting information online, go to the website link below. 

Type your Malaysian IC number and click “Check” button (or “Semak” button in Bahasa Malaysia page).
And you will see your election voting information if it exists. You should see the following information:

IC Number, Name, Birth Date, Gender, Locality, Polling District, State Assemblies, Parliamentary, State(Kad Pengenalan, Nama, Tarikh Lahir, Jantina, Lokaliti, Daerah Mengundi, DUN, Parlimen, Negeri)


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