Health Guide and Tips During Haze

Health Guide and Tips During Haze 
People are advised to take precautions when reading Air Pollution Index (API) is a high level to avoid allergies and diseases. 

Haze is a situation that can affect human health. Will increasingly feel the effects. Eyes start burning, throat dry quickly ensues, and much more. 

stay healthy during hazeWhat signs and symptoms Haze Effect on Health 
The effects will be experienced after continuous exposure to haze included: 

Feel itching in the throat and cough. 
Feel difficult to breathe or shortness of breath. 
Burning eyes and runny. 
Runny nose and frequent sneezing. 
My skin feels itchy. 
Chest pain. 
Get the treatment and consult a doctor at a clinic near if you have signs and symptoms.

Health Guide and Tips to reduce the effects of haze on health 
stay healthy during haze

Those who suffer from illnesses such as coughs, colds, asthma, sore eyes, heart or lung disease, chronic should come to the clinic immediately if your condition worsens. 

Those in high risk groups should always take medication as advised. 

Cover the nose (nasal mask) should be used by all motorcycle riders, those who work outdoors or in dusty places and those in high risk groups. 

Smokers who have small children, elderly parents and relatives of the sick do not smoke in the house. 

As far as possible, people are advised to stay in the building or home. 

Reduce exercise outdoors 

People are advised to always wash your face and other exposed skin with clean water to haze. 

If your vehicle is air-conditioned, please use it. 

People are advised to drink plenty of water. 

Smokers are advised not to smoke when unhealthy air conditions (ie API above 100) 

Those at high risk are advised to take leave outside the smoggy haze when going on dangerous levels in their area. 

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