Night Shower Good Or Bad?

Due to the hot weather in Malaysia is so we can all be encouraged to bathe two or three times a day. Did you take a shower the night is one of the recommended time so that the body becomes more relaxed and easier for someone to sleep. But perhaps there are some who say not good if the shower the night, you do not have to shower with cold water, use hot water for bathing because it can prevent an attack of influenza.
Night Shower Good Or Bad?

Night Shower Good Or Bad?

Calmer mind - I shower in the morning, you tend to juggle. Believe me, the shower in the morning is not always complete and thorough. At night you can shower with more calm and able to pamper themselves. You know, a bath at night with cold water to get rid of stress? 

Blood pressure down - you know, take a shower at night can lower your blood pressure? For relaxation, you are encouraged to take a shower with warm water. By washing the hair, you can thus relieve pressure on the scalp. In addition, warm water to open pores and helps remove toxins. 

Muscle stretch - Working hard during the day will cause the muscles become tense. Bath at night can help you to reduce tense on muscles and makes the body becomes lighter. Shower with warm water can reduce muscle pain and helps the intestines to function properly. 

Overcome insomnia - Bathing in cold water can also give peace of mind to the body. It will make the body become fresh and helps you to sleep. Net loss will encourage drowsiness. So the evening bath can thus overcome insomnia. 

Launch the detox process - Bathroom with warm water can help detox process. Every night, the body will undergo a period of cleansing to avoid diseases. Warm water bath can ease the process of detoxification and deep cleanse. Warm water will increase body temperature and promote perspiration. During the sweat flowing out, then that it 'leads' with toxins. 

  Info: - When you're hot bath, do not be surprised if the next day you may encounter black ring under the eye. Points may also be redness or swelling. Yes, maybe you do not like. But it marked the toxins have been removed. More and more, it will be reduced. 

Mind and body together - Bathing night not only remove all the dirt on the exterior of the body, but helps eliminate negative emotion or energy in a person. Among them is like the feeling of worry, anger, sadness, or fear. I do not know how, but it happened, the warm water can eliminate negative emotions and 'empty' mind.

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