Samsung Announce The World's First Android Printer

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. announced a total of 10 models of multifunction printers (MFP) for the European market at the "Smart MultiXpress" located at the IFA 2014, Berlin. 

Samsung First Android PrinterThe new models come in four categories: X4300 series (A3 color), K4350 (A3 monochrome), M5370 (A4 monochrome) and M4580 (A4 monochrome) and is designed to be more independent, intuitive and suitable for all types of business environments. 

MFP is the first printer that is equipped with the Android operating system. 

Executive Vice President Printing Solutions at Samsung Electronics, Dr. KiHo Kim said in a statement, Samsung will continue to strive to make innovation-focused consumers, the MFP is installed with the Android OS will enhance the experience of Samsung smart office for business customers and enable printing multidimensional broader and more advanced printing technology. 

"Our new line of printers combine the best of IT technology in Samsung and knowledge in the OA device to create more innovative products to market new office automation," he said. 

MFP will feature Samsung's new Smart UX Centre to conduct freely without personal computers, application scalability, and user-friendly interface. 

It also has a 10.1-inch touch screen panel that enables users to find and print from your web browser, e-mail, maps, photos and other types of content, without having to connect to a computer or server. 

The touch screen also provides the ability to preview documents, as well as the ability to edit and annotate. 

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