Who Is The First iPhone 6 Buyer?

Who Is The First iPhone 6 Buyer?

IPhone 6 and iphone 6 plus a mention since it launched recently, do you know who the first buyer who managed to become the first person to have the iPhone 6? 

Who Is The First iPhone 6 Buyer?In Sydney, Australia became the first country where the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is sold, the first buyer to buy iphone 6 will also be the first people in the world have the iphone 6. 

Who is he? His name is David Rahimi, who lived in the United States and of course he is a hardcore fan of the iPhone 6. 

David Rahimi First Purchaser latest iphone 6 

Imagine, he was willing to fly from California, United States to 
Apple Store is located in Sydney, Australia to become the first buyer to buy the iPhone 6. 

As published in detikinet from ZDNet, Friday (19/09/2014), Men who work in the IT field, Luck has this iphone 6, said David Rahimi yet he was very happy when met after the completion and successful purchase and be the first to have iphone 

"On Friday, midnight in California, he had made a reservation and want to make sure that he gets the iPhone 6, he said," And now I've been here, actually my goal to travel but also want to be the first in the world to get the new iPhone this "she said while holding the iPhone 6. 

Rahimi said that he loves the newest iPhone 6, because as the screen is bigger and better camera and very good quality. David Rahimi with 1,400 people is the first buyer to take the iphone 6 on the first day sales of the iPhone 6 in Australia. 

Because of time zone calculations, Australia was the first country in the world to become a marketing iPhone 6, and then will follow up to other countries such as Malaysia, such as the United States, Japan and Singapore.

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