Zulmazran Failed To Win Gold Individual Bowling

Zulmazran Failed To Win Gold Individual Bowling 

INCHEON: Despite topping the event in the morning (first block) with the highest scores, tenpin bowling player's elite national title which Zulkifli had to accept defeat when competitors began to improve scores in the afternoon (second block). 

Zulmazran zulkifli bowlingZulmazran, who said to be the country's third gold medal contribute on the fourth day of the Asian Sports Meet today, had to settle for fourth place with 1,298 pins in the men's singles event at Anyang Hogye Gymnasium, near here, on Tuesday. 

The gold is owned by Larp Apharat Yannaphon from Thailand with score of 1,319 pinfalls while silver owned by China's Du Jianchao with 1,300 pins and a bronze won Kunaksorn Sithiphol from Thailand with 1,299 pins. 

The new format of the tournament saw no more round 'step-ladder' and players are divided into two groups, either the first or second block of the blocks determined by the competition. 

Zulmazran, who won a silver medal in the team event at the Guangzhou Asian Games four years ago, said the new format of the competition this time there are good and bad. 

"For me, the new format is good and bad matches. If I managed to pick up points higher in the morning, it may erode the confidence of other players, but I did not win points higher," he told reporters on Tuesday. 

Masters champion men's national bowling tournament in 2014, said he had no problem adapting to the 'lane', but luck did not favor him today forced to see see Kunaksorn won bronze after preceded only by one point. 

The 31-year-old said he will focus on action and team after this trio because Malaysia is stronger in both events when compared with singles. 

"We have many good players for the trio and team events and I'm more convinced by the second event," he said. 

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